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SIM.CO.VR was established more than twenty years ago by a group of engineers when the new frontier of computer assisted design (CAD) appeared on worldwide market.
The team was interested on offering to the market a new approach on each executive aspect of the project as well as to the simulation in general.

The geographical location of the Company has naturally oriented its attention to the growing market of cruise ships, that nowadays is the major ­field of activity of SIM.CO.VR.

Accuracy, reliability and professional approach have always been the Company main features, and during the years it has been asked to offer its services on projects of primary importance with ship-owners such as Carnival Cruise Line, Costa Crociere, Viking River Cruises, Viking Cruises  and Holland America Line, or to expand on new ­fields of application such as professional driving simulation of vehicles.

Thanks to consolidated experience on the market, the Company has increased its internal workforce and has a structure with of­fices and hardware equipment and software appropriate to support relevant workload.

The Company can lean on a wide range of high performance workstations, printers and plotters, a dedicated render farm up to date with the latest hardware and software products in its own air conditioning system environment, in addition to two research laboratories with all the latest technologies in computer vision and virtual reality. The first is dedicated to driving simulations. The second is directed to research and development of contents oriented to the new frontier of innovation, in other words Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

The team of Research and Development has always been one of the strengths of SIM.CO.VR., which has allowed to capitalize the acquired experiences along the years and at the same time to modernize, investing in new technologies.