19 Ott 2016


19 Ott 2016
  • Basic design related to naval interiors
  • Integration of design elements inside the ship structure (A1 and A2 drawings, or BPA and BPE, depending on the standards required by the yard and the ship-owner)
  • Detailed Workshop drawings for the production of artefacts
  • Project visualization with different VR techniques to facilitate the comprehension
  • Constant update of the technical and virtual project during its implementation to ease the planning and economic choices
  • Valid support on the understanding and analysis of overstandard
  • Ability on using every material created for the definition of the project also on the marketing activities
  • Expertise and experience on all techniques of virtual display
  • Highly faithful Virtual reproductions of the actual project
  • Supply of extremely realistic high definition images and videos
  • Application of new VR technologies for the supply of images and short films “fully immersive” and/or in 360 stereoscopic


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