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Thanks to constant presence on areas related to VR simulations, acquired experience during the years on real time graphics and its research and development department, the Company took part in 2010 on an international project about the development of a professional driving simulator aimed to offer a “turn-key” solution with the state of the art technologies SIM.CO.VR working inside this international team took care of the creation of “Vi-GraphSim” software which runs the interaction among the vehicle and the graphic environment in addition to all the contents.

Developed closely with engineers and professional drivers at this day it offers an excellent solution oriented to satisfy speci­fic requests made by the clients and it is perfectly integrated with other software developed and tailored for our customed turn-key simulators. Vi-GraphSim is not just a visualization software, it is also a tool thought to provide a 360 degrees service with graphic contents speci­fically studied for professional usage.

Thanks to constant research and commitment, new speci­fic modeling techniques have been developed in order to transform a simple point cloud into the state of art graphic real time simulation and physical elements. This has allowed SIM.CO.VR to test new technologies that will be introduced also in other markets such as for example the naval one.

The Company research laboratory predisposed for these types of VR simulations consists in a static simulator including a 4mt diameter and 2.5mt height big cylindrical screen, multiple professional projectors, warping boxes, a real Volkswagen Golf Interior, an industrial power motor to drive the forces on the steering wheel and several workstation to visualize the graphics and drive the physics of the car. This is the same setup that our customers use to develop new cars or to make the correct setup of racing cars used in motorsport environment.